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WELCOME.  At the O3 Institute our intention is simply to lighten, oxygenate, and cleanse the body in a nurturing environment.   Within that space, a natural state or balance and  harmony just shows up.

We offer Healing in Paradise.  O3 Institute is located in the Blue Zone in Delicias, Costa Rica, providing an environment and vibration that allows you to easily move into a state of well-being.  We respect the dignity of each individual’s  process and support each person in connecting with their own body’s intelligence and  inner healing guidance. 

We hold NO belief systems.  Nothing is concrete.  We are not healing any diseases or illnesses,   We simply offer various possibilities for individuals to experience lightness of being.

A “Nuturance of Life Experience” is offered to any individual that feels they are ready to make a shift in how they sense themselves and their reality.  At the O3 Institute, we provide you with information so that you can continue  to make the necessary adjustments in life style that support your physical health & rejuvenation.  This is not an event, this is a process that involves changing your bodies pH from acid to a more alkaline states through cleansing, diet adjustments, and exercise enhancement.  Allowing yourself to open your heart and speak your truth, you will welcome the changes in your life.


“Moving into the hologram of an individual’s matrix requires skill and sophistication that is only just beginning to emerge in practitioners on this planet.  Dr. Teodoro brings the touch of a Master whose training and expertise are clearly brought through from his lifetimes in other domains.  To gift yourself with the experience that he offers is deep and life-affirming.”… ST Haiku, Hawaii

“My time with the professionals at the O3 Institute has been truly life-changing.  The education and information I received there continues to be transformative.  Upon completion of my cleansing program I felt lighter, more energy & clarity, and more in touch with my creative abilities than ever before.  Many thanks. ... JL Hamburg, Germany

“It was my first cleanse i was able to complete.  With the help of the O3 staff I had the right mindset and I knew about the right ingredients I needed.  I couldn’t believe the stuff that came out of me.  In the same moment I got rid of some old emotions that were still stuck in me without even noticing until then.  It was an amazing experience I would suggest to everyone.  Know that after those 7 days, I feel much lighter, full of energy, happiness and warm light!  I have an even better connection to my body than I ever had before.  As you can see, Theodore and Annie at O3 Institute., these guys are so full of life experience with these treatments and they are now one of the older folks, but their aura and their spirit is so alive, like somebody who just turned 25.”… JMS, Santa Theresa, CR

“Dr. Teo works on many levels and dimensions simultaneously.  His guidance brings you back into touch with your self as source, rejuvenating your spirit as well as your body.  I feel at least 20 years younger”… BP Texas


Nicoya Peninsula  -  Delicias  -  Costa Rica


  1. Wood-Fired Sauna

  2. Cold Plunge Tub

  3. Massage Pavillion

  4. Body Wraps

  5. Massage & Foot Massage

  6. Energy Healing Sessions

  7. De-tox Baths


  1. O3 Organics Skin Care Products

  2. Skin Rejuvenation

  3. Deep Facial Cleansings

  4. Extractions

  5. Back Cleansing

  6. Sal-Dermabrasion





Ozonator Air Purifiers


  1. Raw Food Recipes

  2. Organic Wheatgrass & Sprouts

  3. Nutritional Education

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